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5 More Ways To Make Your Goals Become Reality

By Desiree Grimaldi
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More Ways To Make Your Goals Become Reality

In the article, “5 Ways to Make Your Goals Become Reality”, Dean Graziosi outlined five tips to help you if you feel stuck and are wondering why you haven’t been achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself. 


In this article, Graziosi breaks down five more ways to make your goals a reality. These five tips will help you ditch the things that aren’t working in your life and dial in on what is so you can achieve what you’ve been working towards. 


The sixth way you can begin achieving your goals is by mastering persuasion. There is a common misconception that selling and persuasion are wrong or evil. This is true in some cases, such as when you use persuasion to sell unethically or take advantage of someone. However, this isn’t often the case. 


“Persuasion is the oxygen for your next level of success,” says Dean Graziosi. If you are using persuasion to sell something or using it in a way that will positively impact others, persuasion is a necessity in making your goals become a reality. 


If you begin seeing persuasion in a positive light, it will completely change your perspective on how you see things, especially your goals. Using persuasion to help others see your vision and ideas will help you turn your goals into a reality. 

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Take Ownership 

Taking ownership in your life is the seventh way you can begin to propel yourself towards achieving your goals. Taking ownership is realizing that what happens in your life isn’t anyone else’s fault. You can’t always point fingers and place the blame somewhere else. Begin taking action by accepting responsibility, making the changes necessary, and making your goals a reality.


We’re quick to take ownership of things when everything is going right. But when things take a turn for the worse, it’s easy for us to place the blame anywhere else. We tell ourselves that things went wrong because of something someone else did or because of our circumstances. When we do this, we are only weighing ourselves down with excuses. 


Taking responsibility for the things in your life, whether good or bad, is life-changing. Owning up to what is happening in your life allows you to change the things that are keeping you from success. Take ownership of your life and begin achieving your goals. 

Be Solution Focused

The eighth way to make your goals a reality is to be solution-focused. Everyone has struggles and goes through hard times. Dealing with hard times is never easy, but if they aren’t handled, struggles can begin to overwhelm and eventually consume us. 


If you are stuck in the past focusing on what went wrong, you can’t make progress. Working through hard times is tough, but it is also necessary in order to keep moving forward. In order to be successful in achieving our goals, we must be solution-focused. Think about what you’re dealing with, and figure out how to fix it. 


“Successful people focus their energy on how to fix it—how to learn from it, and fix it,” Dean Graziosi tells us. Putting in the work when it’s hard to fix your struggles will pay off. Use what you’ve learned from the hard times as you pursue your goals, and success is sure to follow. 

Set Your Day Up For Success

Setting up your day for success is the ninth way to help you make your goals come to fruition. Dean Graziosi tells us to set up our mornings for offense and confidence and develop a morning routine. Having a morning routine will help you set yourself up for a successful, productive day in which you can achieve your goals. 


To set your day up for success, never start your morning with social media. When you first wake up in the morning, don’t reach for your phone. You never know what you’ll see when you open up your phone and get on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. What you see first thing in the morning could make or break your day, so never go for social media first. 


Instead, Dean Graziosi tells us to set ourselves up for success by starting our morning routine with gratitude and reflection. When you wake up in the morning, think of one thing you are grateful for. It doesn’t have to be something huge. It can be as simple as being thankful for another day. Just start off your day with gratitude. 


Next, reflect on the day before and think of three wins you had. Giving yourself a bit of credit for what you’ve achieved puts you in a mindset of achievement for the day ahead. Lastly, think of three wins you’d like to have in the day to come. Setting mini-goals gives you direction and guidance as you start your day. 


In order to achieve your goals, you must set yourself up for success each morning. Get into a routine that gives you offense and confidence for the day to come. Starting off each day with reflection and gratitude will propel you to success in achieving your goals. 

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Stay Inspired 

The final way you can begin achieving your goals is to stay inspired. Find what inspires you and seek it out. Having inspiration in your life is a driving force that will keep you going and will push you towards achieving your goals. 


Inspiration is different for everyone, and it comes in many different forms. Start to pay attention to the things that get you fired up when you’re on social media, reading, or doing other things. When you begin recognizing what inspires you, whatever it may be, seek out those things. 


“Feed your body, your mind, your soul, with the things that give you the confidence to go where you want to go,” says Dean Graziosi. Stay motivated and propel yourself to success by focusing on what inspires you and avoiding whatever doesn’t. Cutting out the meaningless nonsense and media that bums you out are just as important as focusing on what inspires you. Don’t let the negativity from things that don’t inspire you to keep you from success. 


If you want to begin making your goals become a reality, you must find what inspires you and focus on it, and avoid all the other nonsense. Don’t let the negative energy from social media and the news make you uninspired. Focusing on what inspires you helps you stay motivated and will push you to succeed in achieving your goals. 

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By implementing Dean Graziosi’s ten ways of making your goals a reality, you’ll finally be able to meet those goals you’ve been working towards. Did you miss the previous blog article on “5 Ways to Make Your Goals Become Reality”? You can read it now by clicking here. 


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