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What Does It Take to Become a Successful Entrepreneur?

By Dean Graziosi

Some people just seem to get ahead, born with a silver spoon and all kinds of unfair advantages. 

Makes you wonder, what does it take to achieve success?

I’m successful and I sure wasn’t born with a silver spoon. So maybe it all depends on who you ask 😉

Listen, I hope my kids are massively successful in their own way and that they don’t have the struggles I’ve had… 

And I hope you didn’t have an insanely tough childhood and no money and live in a trailer park and have dyslexia…

But my oldest memories of wanting to be successful, saying “I want to be rich!” came when I was probably 10…

You can bet I didn’t imagine Lamborghinis and yachts and flying in private planes and partying in Vegas. I didn’t even know any of that existed.

I wanted to be wealthy because after my parents split up, I watched my mom work three jobs, gone all the time…

So I remember wanting to be rich to take care of her. I think that’s a lot different than just wanting to be rich for rich sake. 

Even then I had a purpose and I wasn’t going to let anything stop me.

My hunger for more has always been my unfair advantage and better than a silver spoon.

But to gain a bulletproof mindset, I needed more than that. I needed an education…

Now, you know how I feel about a traditional education. That wasn’t gonna work for a poor kid with dyslexia. My teachers knew it and I knew it…

So I started to self-educate with guys like Zig Ziglar and my dear friend Tony Robbins who changed my life…

I had to find a way to create a greatness mindset in order to overcome the obstacles that take you to your next level (the level that’s always on the other side of your failures).

I used to get mad just like anybody would. Now I look at failure as nothing more than paying our “success tax.” 

And if you aren’t willing to pay it, you’re not gonna move forward.

I mean, what if those failures were actually designed for you by God or your maker? What if it was the initiation you needed into your next level?

My team always asks me, “How do you have so much urgency?”
I tell them it’s because I believe my next level of success is always on the other side of my next obstacle or failure.

What about you? What do you believe will take you to the next level?

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