Dean Graziosi

Are Your Thoughts Determining Your Level of Success?

By Dean Graziosi

What is reality? Seriously, what is reality? I’ve asked this question so many times. You probably have too…

If you’re still with me so far, you’re probably somebody who questions everything… and we should all the time. 

Always question, always consider that we’re wrong a lot of the time. 

So again, what’s reality?

It can get confusing so think about this. 

Think about if two people get in the exact same car accident. They’re driving, they’re in a hurry. Somebody pulls out — bam! So what is the reality part of that unexpected situation?

One person gets out and is like, “Oh, my God, why would you pull out in front of me?” Heart racing, adrenaline pumping, anger results… She explodes with “How could you do this?!”

And the other person’s thinking, “Oh my God, my insurance is going to go up! I can’t afford this — I just lost my job!” She reacts with, “Are you an idiot? This is your fault. What were you thinking?”

It’s a mess! But whose fault was it? How did this happen? What’s the reality here?

Same situation, same car accident. One person gets out and walks over, says, “Oh my God, are you okay? Is everything alright?” 

And the other person gets out all nervous like, “Oh my God, I can’t believe I pulled out. I’m so sorry! I just got fired from my job…”

And the first person says, “Hey, hey… Calm down. That’s what we have insurance for. It’s metal. Who gives a crap. It’ll get fixed. Whatever appointments we had, they’ll have to wait. Things happen. It’s gonna be okay… We’re gonna be okay.”

Now, which one is reality?

Reality is nothing more than your PERCEPTION of a situation.

If you lose your job, it could feel like the end of your world, or it could look like a new beginning…

If a relationship ends, could be the end of love or the beginning of the chance to find real love…

If you lose all your money, one reality is, “My life’s over. I have no significance. I’m embarrassed.” 

Another reality could be, “Hey, from the bottom, there’s only one way up.” So think about it…

What if your reality is actually the story you tell yourself about a situation?

We create perceptions around situations and getting that is really the key to your next level of life. 

It’s true… the biggest thing standing between you and your next level of life is the story you tell yourself.

If we can change the story… we get to change our lives!

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