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My “Win Every Day” Morning Routine!

By Dean Graziosi

Do you have a morning routine? I don’t think anyone’s routine is necessarily better than anyone else’s…

But I definitely think you need a morning routine. The thing is, don’t think of it as a ritual or a chore…

Think of your morning routine differently… as setting up your day with next-level confidence.

And when you have that kind of confidence, you play offense all day rather than defense!

Think about it… have you ever had those days where you wake up expecting bad-news emails?

Or waiting for that phone call, updates from people you’re counting on, etc?

Without a personal routine, you wake up to putting out fires. Who wants to start their day like that?!?

Compare that to days where you wake up feeling great like “This is my day – I got this!”

Am I right?

One is defense. One is offense. 

To play offense it takes small intentional shifts that can set up your confidence…

Let me share my morning routine with you. And hey, I’ve borrowed things that work for me… Take Arianna Huffington for example…

I learned from her to set my phone to airplane mode an hour before bed. That way it’s not going off like a pinball machine all night…

… And when I wake in the morning, what’s waiting for me? Just that first breath, a sense of my comfy bed…the sight of my wife beside me. 

Whatever it is, find something to be grateful for first thing. All it is is tricking your brain to be grateful in the moment, not some big long process.

Then sometimes I grab a book that I love, whatever fills my soul. Not a whole chapter, just maybe three sentences to open up my mind…

Next I ask myself “What do I want to accomplish today? What would make me feel good?” I’ve set the stage to play offense. 

But listen… This is important – don’t forget your body!

Knowing I’m taking care of my body makes me feel better about myself. I have my green drink in the morning…

A scoop of green powder, a squeeze of lemon, some apple cider vinegar, some MCT oil and I down it. And then?

I gotta move. A hike, a run or even a good walk…

And even if I don’t make a million bucks every day, it all makes me feel like a million.

Do you have a routine you follow? Did anything in my routine inspire you?

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