Dean Graziosi

Why You Must Find Your ‘Why’

By Dean Graziosi

If you asked a million people “Would you like to make more money?” Everybody would answer yes. But you probably already know that only a small group are actually willing to work for it.

So the next most important question is “WHY are you willing to work for it?”

Maybe you think that’s easy to answer… I used to think that. But a friend took me through an exercise that changed my life forever…

He asked me this one simple question… “Why would someone pay you 10 grand to help them get more success?” 

And I answered with something like…

“I’ve been through this experience and I know they can do it. If they would just apply themselves more.”

He was like, “Well, why is it important they apply themselves more?”

I said something about wanting to raise the standards in the self-education industry. And how I wanted other people in this space to step up or step out.

He told me that was all great, but it was coming from my head. He pushed me harder and asked, “But why is stepping up or stepping out important, Dean?”

Still coming from my head I said, “I want to leave a legacy for my family.” He asked me three more times, rephrasing the question with my answer to the previous question.

I admit it – I was getting more than frustrated! So I just said the first thing on my heart… “I never wanna go backwards!”

And at that moment, I thought about my past… living in a trailer park, living in a bathroom, having no lunch money, my parents fighting over money and all those painful memories…

That was it, I thought. “Because I’m never going backwards. No way!”

And all of a sudden my physiology changed. I had got it into my heart. I was like, “Oh my God, I feel this.” 

But I made the mistake of thinking we were done…

Then he said to me, “Dean, why is it important to not go backwards?”

Immediately I thought about my kids. And I started crying. Not like small tears, like ugly crying. And my staff was around! I was so embarrassed…

But I had found my real “why” when I finally choked out, “I want my kids to have choices.” 

And I could see their faces and could only think about them.

And I realized, “I got it.” I got my why.

If you can dig into your heart and answer why you want it from this emotional space, then nothing gets in your way…

No matter how tough things get or what obstacles come up that get in your way…

Chances are you’re going to succeed because nobody can stop you once you know your “why”.

So dig into your heart. Find your why. And don’t let anybody get in your way 😉

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