50 Personal Development Quotes for Investing in Yourself

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Did you know that you already have everything you need to make the best investment of your life? No, we’re not talking about investing in stocks. We’re talking about investing in you. The most important investment you can ever make is in bettering yourself — and that’s where personal development comes in.  Personal development is […]

Healthy vs. Unhealthy Competition in Business

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We’re all familiar with the phrase, “A little competition never hurt anybody.” But is that really true, or can too much of a competitive spirit be a bad thing? The answer boils down to the type of competition you involve yourself in.  There are 2 types of competition: healthy competition and unhealthy competition. In business, […]

50 Self Awareness Activities (For Yourself, Adults & Students)

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On a scale of 1 to 10, how self-aware are you? How well do you understand your own thoughts, emotions and core values? Can you recognize how these factors influence your success? If you answered 10, good for you! Sharp self-awareness skills can not only help you recognize where you are in life, but also […]

What To Do When You’re Feeling Like “I’m Not Good Enough”

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Do you feel like you try your best and work hard, but you’re just not good enough? Thinking that somehow you should do more or be more?  If so, you’re not alone.  We live in a society that often forces us to compare ourselves to others. For example, if we don’t make a certain amount […]

10 Pieces of Advice on How To Get Thick Skin

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When someone makes a negative comment about you or your work, how do you respond? Do you take it personally? Or do you take it in stride? Your response matters not just in the present but also in terms of your ongoing mental health. Are you able to hold your head high when you receive […]

Top 9 Teaching Skills Needed to Be a Great Teacher

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If the word “teacher,” makes you think of blackboards, red apples and yellow pencils, you wouldn’t be wrong… at least, not fully.  When we think of teachers, we do typically think of classroom educators. But life’s teachers aren’t confined to the education system. Not at all! Learning doesn’t stop once you graduate high school—and it […]