10 Pieces of Advice on How To Get Thick Skin

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When someone makes a negative comment about you or your work, how do you respond? Do you take it personally? Or do you take it in stride? Your response matters not just in the present but also in terms of your ongoing mental health. Are you able to hold your head high when you receive […]

What To Do When Life Sucks (20 Things for When Life Sucks)

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We all go through periods of difficulty. Sometimes the period is short, lasting only for a few days. Other times, a negative period can last for months or even years. When life throws you a curveball and hard times hit, it can be tough to bounce back.  So, if you’ve ever found yourself telling your […]

When You Are About to Give Up… Try These 20 Tips

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Some days, life feels like it’s going exactly according to plan. Other days, life feels hard and not at all what you imagined. Every now and then, you might just want to give up.  You may feel like giving up on…  Your new habit of journaling, because you can’t find the time. Your hunt for […]

How to Let Go of Anger (Tips for Releasing, Relieving, and Getting Rid of Pent-Up Anger)

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Endless traffic, rude remarks from co-workers, arguments with your loved ones—any one of these things can ignite an anger fuse. It’s not uncommon to try and bury that fuse in hopes of extinguishing pent-up anger. But if you’re not careful, buried emotions can explode when you least expect them to, destroying personal and professional relationships. […]

150 Things To Be Grateful For (What Are You Thankful For?)

150 Things To Be Thankful For - Thanksgiving table toasting wine

November is a month of gratitude, and Thanksgiving is the time each year when we think most consciously about what we are thankful for. What’s on your gratitude list? Did you make one? Although it’s good to have a time of year to focus on gratitude, a gratitude practice and gratitude journaling shouldn’t just be […]

How To Have A Positive Mindset and Become Positive (25 Positive Thinking Tips)

25 Positive Thinking Tips to Try

What Is a Positive Mindset? A positive mindset is looking at life with a growth mindset. It’s choosing optimism over pessimism. It’s a glass-half-full kind of outlook. Life may not be ideal, but people with positive mindsets choose to see the best, and that positivity improves their well-being.  Having a positive mindset is the most […]