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150 Things To Be Grateful For (What Are You Thankful For?)

By Dean's Team
150 Things To Be Thankful For - Thanksgiving table toasting wine

November is a month of gratitude, and Thanksgiving is the time each year when we think most consciously about what we are thankful for. What’s on your gratitude list? Did you make one?

Although it’s good to have a time of year to focus on gratitude, a gratitude practice and gratitude journaling shouldn’t just be limited to November. 

Why Gratitude Is Important

Gratitude matters because it’s such a crucial aspect of looking at life positively. You can improve your mental health and increase your overall well-being if you practice gratitude daily.

How Do You Practice Gratitude?

If you want to consider expanding your thankfulness beyond November, a gratitude journal is a perfect way to achieve this goal. 

How do you practice gratitude? It’s simple. Just take a few minutes every day to write down 3–5 things that you truly appreciate about your life. This is called gratitude journaling. You can focus on things that have happened within the last 24 hours, or you can keep it general. It doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as you do it. Really give it some thought and take your time to engage in that positivity and thankfulness. You can use any blank journal or you can use Dean Graziosi’s Better Life journal, which includes his personal outcome journaling method too. 

List of Things to Be Thankful For

There are almost too many things to be grateful for. That’s why we broke this list of things to be thankful for into sections, so you can look over the information more easily. We also want you to be able to use this list as a reference point. If you’re having a hard day or struggling in a particular area, find that section in this blog post and identify with something on our list. We’re here to support you!

As you read through this post, know that not every one of these “things to be thankful for” will apply to you, and that’s okay. We’re certain you’ll find something to be grateful for on this extensive list.


If you’re looking for something—or someone—to be grateful for, look no further than the people surrounding you.

1. Family 

Your family is not only the people you’re related to by blood but also those you choose to love. A loving family can be a huge blessing.

2. Friends 

Your friends are the family you choose, and the good ones will be there no matter what you’re going through. 

3. Significant Other

Having someone you love who loves you back is one of the greatest gifts this world has to offer. If you have a significant other, add them to your gratitude list.

4. Your Community

Being part of a community means you’re part of something bigger than yourself. 

5. Mentors and People Who Inspire You

Be thankful for those who have gone before and choose to teach what they’ve learned.

6. Babies

Is there a more beautiful sound than a baby’s laugh? Or a sweeter thing than a child’s smile? Express gratitude for all the little ones.

7. Grandparents

Here’s to all the cookie-baking, pot roast-making, fishing and flannel-wearing grandmas and grandpas out there. They’re special people. If they’re gone, be thankful that you knew them. And if they’re still around, be especially thankful for them.

8. Positive People

Have you ever noticed that just being around happy people can make you feel happy? Their positivity can just light up a room. Consider adding a few happy people to your gratitude list.

9. Your Cat

They may act like they don’t care, but really they do. If you don’t believe us, just grab a treat and see how quickly they come running! 😉

10. Your Dog

Man’s best friend, where would we be without you?

11. Kittens and Puppies

They’re tiny, cute and really soft.


Beyond the privilege of knowing and having special people (and pets) in our lives, our interactions with these people can include some of the best moments of our lives. 

12. Chats with Loved Ones

Chatting with those closest to you is so meaningful. You get to hear how they’re doing and share your life with them. Think about talks with family members, new acquaintances and old friends when looking for small things to be thankful for.

13. Gathering With Friends and Family

The opportunity to spend actual, physical time with your loved ones is something that should never be taken for granted—as we’ve come to know all too well in 2020. 

14. Family Vacations

A trip away from home is always wonderful. And when you get to make memories with your family members, it can be even better. Whether you’re flying or taking a road trip, spending time away with loved ones is something to be thankful for.

15. Warm Hugs

This one tops Olaf’s gratitude list, so go ahead and throw it on yours. 😉

16. Holidays Spent With Loved Ones

With family traditions and plenty of good food, the holidays are a favorite time of year for many people. Cherish that time.

17. Family Traditions

Whether you always shop on Black Friday, eat the same Christmas dinner or spend time together decorating, your family’s traditions are special and should be added to your gratitude journal. Be grateful for your family and the time you’ve had together to build those traditions.

18. Date Night

Date night is one of the most amazing things you and your significant other can do to develop your relationship. On date night, you spend time focusing on each other, and what could be better than that? 

19. A Kiss

Receiving physical affection from your loved ones is definitely something to be thankful for. And if it’s your significant other, it can be even sweeter.

20. Teachers

Individuals who promote learning in young people are people to be thankful for. Do you have a teacher in your life who really impacted you? If so, consider putting them in your gratitude journal.

21. Random Acts of Kindness

Has someone taken the time to perform a small act of kindness towards you? Have you recently done a small thing to give someone else a pick me up? Add it to your gratitude list!

22. The Sound of Kids Playing

Dean loves nothing more than the sound of his kids playing basketball in the backyard. Hearing kids laugh is the best, isn’t it? 

23. Getting to Know Someone New

Practice gratitude when you meet new friends. It really is such a privilege.

24. Being in Love

Is there a better feeling in the world than being in love?

25. A Listening Ear

Having someone who listens may feel like a simple thing, but it can seriously affect our mental health. If you have someone who’s constantly there for you to talk to, add them to your gratitude journal.

26. Honesty

Honesty is an extremely important value in your life and relationships. If you experience it, feel thankful.

27. Loyalty

Loyal friends are worth their weight in gold. Whether they’re old friends or new acquaintances, make sure you appreciate them.

28. Positive Feedback

Receiving positive feedback builds confidence and self-esteem. And living more confidently improves your mindset and well-being. So, be grateful for every time you receive positive feedback.

29. Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a gift, and it can be rare. Cherish it, appreciate it and record it on your list of things you’re grateful for.

30. Peace

Peace is an amazing thing that we shouldn’t take lightly. Whether in relationships or communities, when you experience peace, remember to remain thankful.


Experiences are an important part of life, whether you partake in them alone or with others. Here’s some we’re particularly appreciative of.

31. Laughing Until You Cry

Lol, Lmao, Rofl—there’s a reason we have so many acronyms for laughing because laughing is one of the best things in life. 😂😂😭😭 

32. Dancing

There’s something about dancing that lifts your spirits and makes you feel thankful naturally.

33. Playing Golf

Dean loves playing golf. He loves it not just for the sport but for the opportunity to have long talks with his close friends. He’s thankful for that time! Do you enjoy it too?

34. Alone Time

Sometimes, the best way we can spend our time is by taking a rest and recharging on our own. For your own wellness, you might choose to nap, read or do a favorite activity alone to build up your energy—especially if you’re an introvert like Dean.

35. Waking Up Every Morning

Every day is a gift and a privilege. Carpe diem!

36. Working from Home

In 2020, many people were able to work from home for the first time. Thanks 2020 for showing us what it feels like to work in our sweatpants. If you were able to work from home and keep safe, it’s something to express thankfulness for.

37. Power Naps

We’re grateful for 20-minute naps that move the needle, energizing us for the rest of the day.

38. Appreciating Art

There’s something awe-inspiring about looking at art. We’re thankful for that whoa feeling.

39. Getting Good News

Here’s to that swoop in your stomach and that warm feeling that radiates through your body when you get great news. It’s all you can do to keep yourself from screaming “YES!” in public!

40. Cuddles With Your Furry Friend After a Bad Day

Enough said.


There are some things in life that you can’t live without… and others we simply wouldn’t want to. Some other things we put on this list just because they make our lives more fun. What’s your favorite THING?

41. The Roof Over Your Head 

Everyone needs a place to call home, but not everyone has one, so it’s important to be grateful if you do.

42. Technology 

Social media, new products, and apps! Inventors and innovators develop new technology every day to make our lives more efficient and enjoyable. Isn’t that crazy cool? 

43. Indoor Heat 

Looking at you Northerners up there in the snow. Bet you love this stuff.

44. Air Conditioning 

We’re headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona in the United States. That’s smack dab in the middle of the desert. So all we have to say is air conditioning is a beautiful thing.

45. Sunny Days

What brightens your life more than a sunny day? It’s the simple things that really matter.

46. Rainy Days

If sunny days aren’t your thing, maybe you prefer rainy days. You get to hear the pitter patter of raindrops, and you know that the plants are about to be much happier.

47. Newness of Spring

When the trees start to bud after winter, it signals a new beginning. It’s a new hope. 

48. Fall Leaves

There are few things more satisfying than the crunch and swish of fall leaves under your feet.

49. Fresh Snow

Pure, fresh snow is beautiful every time.

50. Access to Clean Drinking Water

Having good, clean drinking water is a privilege. Be thankful.

51. Bubble Baths

Can you think of anything more relaxing?

52. Modern Medicine

It’s miraculous how far medicine has come. It’s saved countless lives. We are lucky to live in this time in history.

53. Employment

Whether you work at a job or you are self-employed, it’s a good thing to be able to provide income for yourself and your family.

54. Comfort Food

There’s just something about warm, gooey comfort food. Hotdish, anyone?

55. Curling Up in a Blanket with a Good Book

Get comfortable on a cozy couch and wrap a soft blanket around you (either because it’s cold outside or because of that sweet, sweet air conditioning). Then grab a book and read about what interests you.

56. A Cup of Coffee in the Morning

Because there’s no better way to start the day than with a cup of coffee. It’s fuel—literally!

57. Dessert

One word: Yum.

58. Money in the Bank

This feels like a big one. Be sure to express a lot of thankfulness for this one if it applies to you.

59. Hobbies

Doing what is fun for you is something to be grateful for.

60. Streaming Services

Netflix, Disney+, Hulu and more—the ability to watch what you want when you want is truly something to be grateful for.

61. Amazon Prime

Books and anything you could possibly imagine available in just a few days? What is this—The Jetsons?

62. Clean Sheets

A freshly made bed with crisp, clean sheets feels like a fresh start.

63. Farmers Markets

Excellent locally grown vegetables, hand-made crafts and community—what’s not to like?

64. Good Hair Days

Just plain important for a happy life.

65. A Good Night’s Sleep


66. Grocery Stores

This kind of convenience is insane. Have you ever thought about that?!

67. Hot Showers


68. Old Photographs

Looking at old photographs from when you were a kid, when your parents were kids or when your grandparents were kids is a great trip down memory lane.

69. Podcasts

Portable and easily accessible, podcasts are one of our favorite ways to learn new things.

70. Books

Who doesn’t love getting swept away in an amazing story? Especially if it’s the kind of novel that will have you up til 2 AM trying to finish. If you’re a #booklover, add your favorite books to your gratitude list. 

71. Great Movies

What’s your favorite movie? You know, the one you love so much that you’ve watched it a million times. Add that to your gratitude journal.

72. The Snooze Button

It may be annoying, but at least you didn’t get fired.

73. TV Shows

We all need an escape now and then.

74. Makeup

Who doesn’t like to look nice?

75. Razors

The feeling after a close shave cannot be beat. 

76. Shaving Cream

Imagine just using soap and water! 

77. Beard Oil

For those of you who love to rock a beard, beard oil is heaven-sent. And if you have a beard but you’re not using oil, go get some! You’ll be thankful you did. 😉

78. Birds Chirping

Good morning—it’s a beautiful day.

79. Scented Candles

Because they just smell really good. And there are so many scents.

80. Wildflowers

Nature is amazing. If you love to watch the flowers grow or the bees buzz around them, add wildflowers to your gratitude journal.

81. Running Shoes

Runners love their shoes! Here’s why Dean’s a big fan of Nikes.

82. Lotion

Lotion creates a protective barrier for our skin, keeping it feeling good. And it doesn’t hurt that it smells great.

83. TV Remotes

Not having to get up each time you want to change the channel is, quite frankly, amazing.

84. Fluffy Pillows

So comfortable and sleep is so important.

85. Journals

This one is big for us because we’re so into mindset. And if it’s not too meta, you could even be grateful for your gratitude journal! 

86. GPS

Are we there yet? Nope, we’re 7.4 miles away. 😉

87. Wine or Beer

Sitting with your significant other and having a nice glass of wine or beer is a great way to end the day.

88. Expensive Liquor

For the times when wine and beer just won’t cut it. 

89. Your Favorite Armchair

It’s your spot, and everyone needs one.

90. Mental Health Days

Taking a day off just to decompress can be really good for you.

91. Swimming in the Ocean

Nothing makes you realize how big and incredible the world is quite like swimming in the ocean.

92. The Smell of the Holidays

Fresh pine needles, sweet cookies, grandma’s cooking—the epitome of hope and holidays.

93. Scenic Drives

Take the long way home and explore a scenic path. It’s an excellent way to appreciate your surroundings.

94. Weekends

Can I get an Amen?

95. Home-Cooked Meals

Hot out of the oven or freshly chopped—home starts in the kitchen for a lot of people. If that’s you, add it to your gratitude list.

96. Brunch

Omelet anyone?

97. Sunsets

Just plain beautiful.

98. Massages 

Okay, this is the one thing that is more relaxing than bubble baths. 

99. Movie Theater Popcorn

Extra salt and butter? Sounds perfect.

100. New Clothes

Dean may wear the same dark gray and light grey t-shirts every day, but he has a lot of them. New clothes are fun and make you feel like a new you.

101. Ice-Cold Beer after Working Outside

After a long day of working outside, there are very few things as refreshing as an ice-cold beer. 

102. Cell Phones

What would our lives be like without our cell phones? They have social media, emails, contacts—they house our entire lives! If you can’t think of something to be thankful for, remember this little guy. 

103. Comfortable Shoes for Exploring

Do you like to hike? If so, you could add  your most comfortable pair of shoes to your gratitude journal!

104. This World We Live in

There are so many sights to see, and so many places to venture to! 

105. Your Favorite Music

Whatever genre, whatever artist, whatever band you love—be thankful for them!

106. Free Wifi at Coffee Shops


107. A Great Pen

We know most of us spend a lot of time typing, but for those who like to journal and still write things out (looking at you, Dean), a great pen is a wonderful thing.

108. Computers

This incredible technology allows us to learn and build businesses. It provides us answers to difficult calculations in mere seconds! Computers are truly phenomenal.

109. Sticky Notes

Without them, would we remember anything at all?

110. Alexa

She [It?] is annoying but helpful.

111. Zoom

It saved us in 2020.

112. GoogleDocs

See above.

113. Fresh Air through an Open Window

Feeling a light breeze on a hot day can be so refreshing. If fresh air brightens your day, add it to your gratitude list.

114. Transportation

The freedom we have with the transportation available is unreal. Cars, buses, airplanes—any transportation that you’re thankful for, jot it down in your gratitude journal.

115. The Internet

Of course, the almighty Internet. It connects us and gives us limitless opportunities.

116. Glasses (Or Contacts)

Glasses and contacts are simple things that we often forget about. But, for those of us who need them, they can top the list of things to be grateful for. 

117. The Smell of Freshly Mown Grass

Ahhh, smells like summer. 


Now let’s get into the big picture stuff. These are things we’re thankful for that may be hard to categorize but all the more meaningful because of it.

118. Faith

If faith matters to you, it can be a core part of who you are. Faith can define a huge part of your identity, giving your life meaning and purpose. If that’s the case, add faith to your gratitude list.

119. Potential 

You have so much that you haven’t done yet—and your capacity for more grows every day.

120. Talents

Your talents may feel natural, but the more you develop them, the more they will flourish.

121. Feeling Inspired

Inspiration is a powerful instigator, and great things can come of it. If you’ve been feeling inspired lately, jot it down in your gratitude journal.

122. Personal Growth

If you’re on a path towards personal growth, you’ll begin to notice the changes in yourself. You may see yourself become more mature and more confident. Take note of these changes and add them to the list of things you’re thankful for.

123. Second Chances

Sometimes, things don’t always work out the first time. Either we made a mistake or things happened outside our control. But a second chance is definitely something to be grateful for.

124. Literacy

Look at you! Sitting here, reading this article. Amazing!

125. Capacity to Learn

Do you have the ability to discover tons of things about the world and about yourself? If so, that’s something to celebrate. 

126. Good Health

Good health is important for your success. This is both your physical and mental health. If you’re taking steps to stay healthy, add it to your gratitude list!

127. Working Senses 

Can you feel, smell, see, hear, or taste? If so, you’ve found something else to be thankful for! What a gift. ☺️

128. Mindfulness

Being mindful takes practice, and if you’ve been putting in the work, you’re sure to reap the benefits. Have you been noticing the benefits of mindfulness in your everyday life? If so, go ahead and add it to your thankfulness list.

129. Diversity 

Think of all the opportunities you have for connecting to our global community. Whether you’re talking to a colleague in Germany or listening to pop music from Korea, if diversity is something you’re grateful for, write it in your gratitude journal.

130. Justice

Seeing and experiencing justice is something to feel grateful for. 

131. Freedom

If you enjoy the freedom you have to be yourself, add it to your gratitude list. 

132. The Future

Your future looks bright. Yes to that positivity!

133. Success

Look back with gratitude at all your success—this year and beyond.

134. Energy

You had the energy and life to wake up this morning and smile. Give thanks for that!

135. Sense of Accomplishment

Feeling proud of a job well-done is something to be grateful for.

136. Nostalgic Memories

It’s a blessing to have good memories to look back on. If you’re appreciating the nostalgia, add it to your gratitude list!

137. Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech is a privilege that not everyone has. If you have it, give thanks for it.

138. Receiving Wisdom

Receiving wisdom from a mentor is invaluable. And you should really take that knowledge to heart and give thanks for it.

139. Free Time

Having leisure time to do what you like? Now that’s a luxury to be appreciated.

140. Learning From Mistakes

Mistakes are not fun in the moment, but we mature as a result. And that’s a good thing.

142. Education

Access to education is incredibly empowering. Recognize that!

143. Safety

Basic safety is something too many take for granted, and it is so necessary for life. If you have it, you are incredibly lucky.

144. Stable Government

If you live in a country that has a stable government, then you have yet another reason to give thanks.

145. Having a Purpose in Life

Finding your life’s purpose gives your life meaning and direction. Plus, it gives you context for your place in the wider world—all reasons for thankfulness.

146. The Feeling of Total Relaxation

When you can sit down and really unwind, it’s one of the best feelings. Be thankful!

147. Experiencing Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is what we all want to feel. No worries, just acceptance. That’s something to be grateful for.

148. Organization 

You’re not always going to be 100% organized, but when you are, give thanks for it.

149. Hope

One of the most valuable reasons to be thankful is for the opportunities you have yet to experience—and that’s hope if I’ve ever heard it.

And, last but not least…

150. Yourself! 

Be thankful that you are who you are. There’s only one you. It’s so important to practice positive self-talk in your gratitude practice. Being kind to yourself increases your positivity, self-worth, and well-being. So, go on! Add yourself to the top of the list of things you’re grateful for! 

Wow! That about does it. 150 things to be grateful for! We hope you enjoyed this comprehensive gratitude list, and we hope that it gives you ideas for your own gratitude journaling. 

A final hint: Just be grateful for the simple things. And remember that when you practice gratitude, positivity and thankfulness (even when you don’t want to), amazing things can happen.

I’d love to know what you’re most grateful for this year! Text me the #1 thing you’re thankful for at 480-400-9019.
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