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15 Tips For Finding Your Purpose in Life

By Dean's Team
15 Tips For Finding Your Purpose In Life

“What is my purpose in life?” 

This is an extremely important and personal question that most of us come face-to-face with at some point. And it’s something that many, including those of us on Dean Graziosi‘s team, believe is crucial to know to truly live our best lives. 

When you live a purposeful life, you’ll live a better life because finding your life’s purpose is the ultimate motivator. It is your driving force. Your sense of purpose—that hunger—will take you places you never imagined you could go. 

Knowing your purpose will change your life for the better in many ways. In fact, having a firm grasp on your purpose in life will do the following:

  • Improve your self-worth and well-being
  • Give more meaning to your life experiences
  • Give you a reason to get up in the morning
  • Help you overcome obstacles 
  • Help you identify how you fit into the wider world

As you mature or transition in life, you’re bound to ask yourself, “What is my purpose?” The answer is the key to unlocking your best life. Do you have an answer? If not, that’s okay. This is why you’re here! This article will walk you through ways to discover your life purpose.

Does Your Life Purpose Have to Change the World?

No, your life purpose doesn’t have to change the world, but it has to motivate you. It has to be your why, your passion and your strength. It has to matter to you more than anything else in the world. It’s that simple. 

But if your life purpose happens to benefit a wider community, that’s even better. It will give you something or someone to fight for. And often, we fight harder for others than we do for ourselves. 

You could find your sense of purpose by changing your world. Or you could find the purpose of life by changing your community’s world for the better. Regardless of how big the impact, your life purpose has to matter to you. 

15 Tips for Answering the Question “What Is My Purpose?”

Having a sense of purpose is great for your overall well-being. It increases your self-worth and provides satisfaction with your life. Spending time on your life purpose will likely improve your mental health because it will give you a sense of belonging in the world and greater meaning in what you do.  

And while it’s easy to discuss the benefits of having a purpose, taking the time to discover your life purpose can be difficult. But sit back and relax! Because now it’s time to get curious. Use these 15 tips to try and discover your own life purpose.

1. Evaluate Your Life

Think through what is most important to you. How do you spend your time? What do you focus on? What do you read and think about? What podcasts do you listen to? In other words, what are you interested in? Then ask yourself why you’re interested in these topics. Have you been interested in the same thing your entire life? If not, when did your passion begin? Was there a single day or event that started it? All these questions can help you begin to discover your life purpose.

2. Reflect on When You’ve Been Happiest

When was the best time of your life? When were you the happiest? If you can pinpoint just one moment in time when you were happiest, it may bring you closer to your true purpose. Were you doing anything specific at that time? Working for a nonprofit? Doing a project at work? Volunteering at a soup kitchen? Tutoring students in high school? Spending time with your family? What made that time so special? If you can answer this, you may be on the path to finding your life purpose.

3. Brainstorm What Comes Easily & What Lights You Up

We all have gifts and talents, so don’t be shy about using yours in your own life.

What is easier for you than most people? Does that light you up? If not, what does bring a smile to your face? Make two lists right now of what you can do well and what you like to do most. Is there any crossover on these two lists? If so, that’s a good indicator that thing may have something to do with your life purpose. If it’s not directly related to your purpose in life, figure out if it could somehow help in achieving your true purpose.

4. Decide What You Can’t Accept in This World

There are a million problems in this world, but is there just one injustice that you simply can’t live with? Is there suffering that you just can’t stand by and watch? A lot of people find their purpose in helping solve big problems—or at least, doing their bit to make a difference. You can ask yourself about problems in your community or problems in the wider world. What can’t you accept for another minute? What do you simply have to do something about? That might indicate what your life purpose is.

5. What Are You Willing to Suffer For?

Is there a cause, person, or thing that you believe in so strongly that you’re willing to suffer hardship on its behalf? Is there something that’s so important to you that you care more about it than your own life or comfort? If so, that could be the thing your life purpose revolves around. The question is: What do you want to accomplish on its behalf?

6. Find Your Why

A lot of people think your why is the same as your purpose, but there is a subtle difference. Both your life purpose and your why drive you, but your purpose means more than that. Your purpose is also how you fit into the wider world. Your why is only your motivation. Finding your why is about discovering what your deepest reasons for doing what you do and why you behave in the ways you do. Purpose encompasses that and more.

7. Ask Yourself Who You Want to Help Most

Sometimes the question is less about you and more about who. Is there one person  or a group of people whose fate you care about as much or more than your own? If so, consider how you can help them. Your sense of purpose may lie in helping that community.

8. Brainstorm How You Might Help

In a broad sense, think about the many things you might do with your life. There are a million things you could do. How could you help the world? You could save the planet. You could be an educator. You could show the world beauty. You could heal the sick. You could feed the poor. You could make money (and use it responsibly). No one is here to judge you. Only you can decide how you want to help, and that will determine your life purpose.

9. What Would You Do If No One Paid You?

If you had no money to motivate you, what would you do, day in and day out? Would you keep doing what you’ve always done or would you change your life? Imagine that you have control. For the first time, you get to discover your life purpose without worrying about money. Just consider the internal motivators, and you’ll be one step closer to finding your true purpose in life. 

10. Jot Down a Potential Purpose

Brainstorm a few ideas for a life purpose. If you need help, check out social media for inspiration. They don’t have to be perfectly fleshed out. Just write down the first few things that seem interesting. Are there any similarities or patterns? What conclusions can you draw? 

11. Think Through Future Obstacles

Every path has obstacles. Every purpose comes with some pain. What can you think of that might be a barrier to the life purpose you are considering? What might hinder you? What might make it hard to follow through? Is there a person who might try to discourage you from this path? It’s best to look at obstacles now so you won’t be discouraged when you encounter them later. 

12. Screw ‘Em

When you are trying to discover your life purpose, one obstacle you may encounter is naysayers and Debbie Downers. But your hunger to live a purposeful life will allow you to push through barriers of all shapes and sizes. Your family and friends may not understand why you are doing what you’re doing, but you have to do what’s right for you. So screw ‘em! You were born to do this. 

13. Set Goals That Align with Your Chosen Purpose

What is your end goal? What’s the plan? What do you want to accomplish in life? Answering these questions can help you discover your life purpose. It’s important to know where you want to go. This can help you understand yourself and your journey. Setting goals is a crucial piece of this process.

14. Make an Action Plan to Achieve Your Goals

Once you think you’ve found your life purpose, start setting goals. Your life purpose should coincide with a long-term goal, but you’ll need bite-sized goals that are more manageable. Think of each small goal as a part of an achievable action plan. As you hit each small goal, you’ll build more and more momentum towards your long-term goals. This means you will come closer and closer to fulfilling your life purpose.

15. Write Out Your Life Purpose and Display It

It’s vital to treat your life purpose with the respect it deserves. Write or print out your life purpose and put it somewhere you pass daily. Keep it as a reminder, so you never lose sight of who you are and what drives you.

Remember, your purpose is not set in stone. It can change with you, if necessary. Don’t delay trying to change the world because you can’t decide on your absolute #1 life purpose right now. You might regret it later. Because, as Dean learned from his stepdad in 2020, the best time to take action is today

Discover Your True Purpose, Find Inner Peace, and Lead A Meaningful Life

The path to a purposeful life isn’t always easy, but it is worth it. Many agree that finding true purpose is the key to inner peace. And in the chaotic world we’re living in, peace is a very desirable thing. With so many shifts happening in 2020 and so much unrest across the globe, we need harmony and meaning in our lives now more than ever.

Feeling that you’re living a meaningful life is a little like believing in a higher power—whether that’s God, the Universe… you name it. It’s believing that you’re part of something bigger—that you’re here for a reason. And that validation is something that everyone needs.

So don’t spend another day feeling defeated and restless. Take some time to think about your life purpose. Practice some of these tips, and discover your true purpose. Then, start living your best life.

Which tip will you try to find your true purpose in life?

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