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How to Find a Mentor

By Dean Graziosi

If you’re going to go with non-traditional education or you change course midway through, you’re going to need to find someone to show you the way.

Listen, I tell my kids if they want to go to college, that’s fine. But truthfully I’d rather they didn’t. Unless they want to do something where they absolutely have to have a degree like being a doctor or a lawyer or something.

Because most people go to college, come out with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt for what? To work in a different field than what they went to college for in the first place!

Instead, they could’ve found a mentor. Done some research.

That’s what I want my kids to do… to do their research. To find a mentor at the top of their game and then offer to help them. 

No, not get a job with them. To learn from this person. Maybe they won’t make a lot of money. Maybe they won’t make any money and it will be an internship or an apprenticeship. 

The point is, they’ll get to learn from the best if they find a mentor.

And they’ll put yourself in a position to become the best.

It’s a great strategy… think about it!

I tell my kids they have two options:

  1. College aka the traditional route
  2. A gap year to research and find out what they love and how to make a career out of it

You want to be an engineer, go the college route. You want to be a fashion designer, find the best fashion designer you can meet and offer your services. Observe them. Absorb everything you can.

Finding a mentor can skyrocket your success like almost nothing else. Not only are you learning the tools and techniques of your trade, but you’re surrounding yourself with successful, talented people who will inspire you to reach for greater things.

And that’s the way to live.

So find your mentor. Who’s it gonna be?

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