Dean Graziosi

How To Sell Anything To Anyone Anytime

By Dean Graziosi

Somehow, lots of people believe that selling or asking for the deal or asking for a purchase is bad. 

They can be passionate about their product or service, but when it comes time to sell, something inside shows up and they’re unable or unwilling to make the deal.

Sound like you?

Personally I gotta tell you, I love asking for the deal. I love asking for the money. Why? Because I have changed my framework. Here’s the thing…

No good thing happens in this world without a sale!

Not a university degree, not a marriage, not even a haircut!

If you don’t get your spouse to marry you, you don’t have the marriage. If you don’t get people to come into your business, you don’t have a business. That whole “Build it and they will come” thing from the movies… not true.

The truth is it takes marketing and sales to get people to come. It’s asking for the deal, asking for the money, making the deal happen.

So how am I able to sell anything to anyone at any time?  The key was to go upstream and change what selling meant to me

What happens is, you start feeling like somehow you’re doing a disservice. Somehow, in your brain, you’re thinking that because you want to make the sale, you’re doing something wrong or bad.

What if you flip the script instead and say to yourself, “I’m happy to sell them this because I know it can make a positive impact on their life.”

See? That’s what allows me to talk without a script, without a teleprompter, whether I’m selling, teaching, whatever, because I love what I do and the service that I offer. I know I’m making a difference for people, so much that I feel I’m doing a disservice if I don’t get them to take action. 

Do you think I’m going to apologize for selling when I know it’ll impact lives? How do you think you found out about me and the millions of dollars in sales and the lives I’ve changed?

Would you be here right now reading this if you hadn’t been sold? Could I make this impact on your life if you didn’t know about me and what I offer?

Whenever I’m selling or teaching or writing, one of the things that is in the center of my soul…

Is that if I don’t present the deal well and get you to take action, then I’ve done you a disservice.

So love what you’re offering people! Love knowing that you’re changing other peoples’ lives!

That’s why I can do it authentically and ethically and honestly. I can do it with enthusiasm and excitement. Not because I’m a hype man, but because I want to change your life. And best of all, I know you can do that too!

So, change the framework — the meaning of what you’re doing — and you won’t be afraid to sell ever again. I promise.

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