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One Simple Trick to Live With No Regrets

By Dean Graziosi

One Simple Trick To Live With No Regrets

I want to share something with you really personal that happened to me that I know can make your life better. This happened a few years back…

Back when my daughter was turning six, I hadn’t taken a vacation in a long time. Her wish was to swim with dolphins. So I said, “No gifts this year. We’ll all go to Cabo and we’ll swim with dolphins for Brianna’s sixth birthday!”

Because everyone was so busy, I hadn’t been around my extended family in years. So we decided to invite everybody to Mexico and they all came. It was really spectacular to have my kids be around their cousins and their grandparents. Seeing my mom and my stepdad be so in love, with my kids and everyone… It was just really magical!

But the second day my stepdad had a medical emergency and he got really pale, even fainted. I called the ambulance.

The doctors told us they weren’t sure he was going to make it.

I thought I was losing someone I love. Maybe you’ve experienced loss, I know I have…

But as he was going into surgery, he wanted to see me. He said, “I just want to let you know I love you. And I’m proud of you. You’re an amazing young man. And I’m so regretful that I don’t stay in touch with you more… I have a lot of regrets —“

I said, “No regrets. You’re going to be fine. I’m going to see you in a couple of hours.” And he laughed then I gave him a hug and a kiss.

Years later now, he has passed on and in his memory, I wanted to send this message to you out of pure love…

That experience is such a gift to me… And I want it to be one for you too.

And here’s the point I wanted to share with you…

Let’s not live with regrets.

Don’t regret calling a family member or mending a relationship with someone you don’t talk to anymore. Someday, you’ll regret not having them in your life.

So I challenge you to try this simple trick: Imagine yourself many years from now, facing the end… and ask yourself, What do I regret?

Let’s take action this week and start putting regret behind us! It’s one of the biggest favors you’ll ever do for yourself.

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