Dean Graziosi
Dean Graziosi
Who And What Makes You Feel Bad - You're blocking your own happiness! - Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom

In this week’s Weekly Wisdom, I have a powerful message and a powerful question for you to answer… Who and what are you allowing to make you feel bad? You see, so many times we put so many of our eggs into certain baskets, whether it is a job, a desired outcome on something, a relationship or even just other’s opinions. And in turn, we allow all of these things to ultimately control our happiness! But here’s what I know… When we can push out the things in our life that bring out the worst in us and don’t serve us, that is when our full potential can shine! Do you have any desire to kick out the things in your life that don’t serve you and instead replace them with the things that do? If so, then you have to check out this week’s Wisdom! And also, as I mentioned in this week’s Weekly Wisdom, to get two of my best-selling books for free, go to Enjoy this wisdom and have a great week!

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