Is this thing on???

I finally found the group post link! Maybe now we can get some messages flowing here!

New and questions what happened

What has happened to this groups conversations. Are you all so busy that you don't feel the need to talk to each other?

Although I am new to DG, I do have a rather significant real estate history. That does not mean I don't have reservations, concerns, and fears.

I am loking for a support network as much as fellow investors.

I feel like the guy on Titanic; "hello- Is anybody out there? "

Still Here!

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I have been working out of state for the past few months and have put my investing on hold.

The GDREIA is still having the 2nd and Third saturday investor breakfast's

2nd Saturday is at Frisch's in Tipp City, Third is at Frisch's in Moraine.
They also have regular meetings at Sinclair Community College in Dayton on the first and third wednesdays.

Feel free to ask any questions you have and we will try to get you an answer.


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