The Greatest Lesson I Ever Learned Revolutionized My Life

I’ve learned from some of the greatest minds living today, people I now call dear friends – Tony Robbins, Brendan Brouchard, Jenna Kutcher, Russell Brunson… But the man who taught me the greatest lesson I ever learned was my step-dad Lenny Rizzo… The lesson I learned from him was the equivalent to an angel coming […]

Are Your Thoughts Determining Your Level of Success?

What is reality? Seriously, what is reality? I’ve asked this question so many times. You probably have too… If you’re still with me so far, you’re probably somebody who questions everything… and we should all the time.  Always question, always consider that we’re wrong a lot of the time.  So again, what’s reality? It can […]

How To Use the Law of Attraction to Stay Positive In Tough Times

We all go through rough patches. When things go wrong or things don’t work out, I never dismiss it. I never think, “Okay, in three minutes, I’m going to fix this and it will be perfect.” No, instead, I use the law of attraction to stay positive. When you’re down and everything feels like it’s […]

This One Bad Habit Is Crippling Your Success

I want to share with complete transparency. What I’m writing today might sting a little for some of you… There is one bad habit that could be holding you back from the success that you’ve worked so hard to gain. I have to tell you, in my personal life, I wasn’t that transparent. I hid […]

How To Sell Anything To Anyone Anytime

Somehow, lots of people believe that selling or asking for the deal or asking for a purchase is bad.  They can be passionate about their product or service, but when it comes time to sell, something inside shows up and they’re unable or unwilling to make the deal. Sound like you? Personally I gotta tell […]

How to Find a Mentor

If you’re going to go with non-traditional education or you change course midway through, you’re going to need to find someone to show you the way. Listen, I tell my kids if they want to go to college, that’s fine. But truthfully I’d rather they didn’t. Unless they want to do something where they absolutely […]