What Causes Self-Doubt and How to Overcome It

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Sometimes, it can feel like two very different people live inside your brain: Your inner villain and your inner hero. Your inner villain is the little voice that whispers, “I’m not good enough,” every time you reach towards success. It’s the inner voice that highlights your flaws and ignites feelings of self-doubt.  Your inner villain […]

100 Inspirational Quotes About Self-Confidence

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Success, happiness, resilience — do you know what these things all have in common? They start with self-confidence! Confidence is linked to almost every element in a happy and fulfilling life. Self-confidence is a part of the ‘secret recipe’ that all successful people share. However, remaining confident is a lot easier said than done. With […]

60 Moving Forward Quotes (In Business, Life and Relationships)

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If you know Dean Graziosi, then you know that one of his favorite phrases is, “Stick with the things that move the needle.” In other words, put your energy into things that can noticeably change your situation. This statement holds true for everything in life — from relationships to business endeavors and everything in between.  […]

50 Self-Improvement Quotes for Becoming the Best You

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Personal development always starts with solid self-awareness, or the ability to understand your thoughts, emotions and core values. If you’re serious about becoming a better you, the first step is to know exactly where you stand with yourself. Examine your thoughts, emotions and values, and see how they impact your behavior. From there, you can […]

How To Stop Being Jealous (Break Free from Jealous Thoughts)

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Did you know that Shakespeare once described jealousy as a “green-eyed monster” that laughed at its victims? Your jealous feelings might not have green eyes, but learning how to stop being jealous still feels like you’re battling a monster. After all, feelings of jealousy can get pretty over-powering if you let them. Just like a […]

How to Believe in the Impossible (+50 Quotes)

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When we were young, we lined our bookshelves with fairy tales, mythical adventures and space odysseys. But as we got older and learned more about the world around us, it became harder to believe in the impossible.  Before long, we replaced our dreams of being a princess and fighting supervillains with other types of dreams—like […]