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9 Journal Templates to Accelerate Your Success

By Dean's Team
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Have you been working hard for years, plugging away at a goal that still seems no closer than when you first started? How often do you gaze up at your ceiling at night, just wondering when happiness and success will finally swing your way?

If you’ve been feeling this way lately, rest assured you’re not alone.

There was a time when Dean Graziosi himself was in the same position. He was working hard at a collision auto repair shop every day, hoping for financial freedom. Until, finally, he elevated his mindset, mastered his growth habits, and stepped into success. That was over 25 years ago. And now, Dean wants to share his proven strategies, tactics and tools with you! 

Dean’s Accelerated Success Formula (ASF) is an unprecedented 7-module personal growth journey that can help you unlock your next level of life. Whether you’re changing careers, feeling stuck or simply wanting more out of each day, the Accelerated Success Formula can help get you there.

Today, we’re sharing some of the highlights from the ASF course through one of Dean’s favorite success habits—journaling! That’s right, we’re offering 9 (NINE!) free journal templates inspired by the Accelerated Success Formula course. Use them to start gaining the success, happiness and prosperity you deserve today. 

No more waiting, no more staring at the ceiling… just growth. Get started with these free printable journal templates.

How Can Journaling Put Your Success into Overdrive? 

To use a journal to accelerate your success, you need to actively write out your thoughts, goals and feelings each day. When you use your journal as an outlet to channel your daily goals, you can keep better track of your own intentions. Plus, you can begin to work through and eliminate the negative thoughts and self-doubt that have been holding you back.

Daily journaling can reduce stress and anxiety, improve your writing and communication skills, and even help build your confidence. Most importantly, reading previous journal entries allows you to look back on the goals you’ve set, which can help you stay accountable for accomplishing them.

With proven journal templates like these from Dean, you can make journaling a daily habit, and you can track the trajectory of your growth over time. Take a look at some of Dean’s favorite journal prompts for step-by-step journaling instructions. 

P.S. All printable journal templates from the Accelerated Success Formula course are compatible with letter size paper and are available as open access PDF files!

Outcome Journaling: Dean’s Personal Method for Accelerating Success 

There’s a reason why Dean has religiously been journaling for over 25 years—it works! Dean’s personal method is something he calls Outcome Journaling. Outcome Journaling is a process that helps you stay organized by eliminating procrastination and staying on track to achieve your goals. 

You can try Outcome Journaling yourself with Dean’s Better Life Journal. If you’re familiar with bullet journaling (BuJo), then the Better Life Journal will come naturally to you. If you currently use a bullet journal, the Better Life Journal can work in harmony with it, holding you even more accountable. Or, use the Better Life Journal to completely replace your bullet journal, making it your go-to place to track your to-do’s, plan for the future and keep tabs on your mental health. 

After a few weeks of using the Better Life Journal, you’ll definitely see where it gets its name.

The Better Life Journal breaks tasks into 2 categories:

  1. Needle Movers: Tasks that help you progress towards long-term goals. 
  2. Most Important: Tasks that are necessary for achieving short-term goals. 

Listing out your main priorities this way provides clarity for your goals and outlines a clear vision for your future. Plus, the Better Life Journal includes a weekly “Do-Not-Do” list featuring—you guessed it—distractors or negative thoughts to avoid.

Journal Templates to Accelerate Your Success 

These journal templates are inspired by Dean’s Accelerated Success Formula course. They can help you shed years of procrastination and doubt, guiding you to unlock your next level of success. Learn how to set goals, discover what sets you apart from the pack and implement happiness habits that make each day worthwhile.

We’re sharing these printable journal pages for FREE for our blog readers, so you can get a taste of how to set an unstoppable mindset and foundation for success. Plus, you get a preview of the 7 modules the ASF course has to offer! 

Work these journal prompts into your current daily planner or tackle them on their own to begin accelerating your success today. 

Find Your “Why” with This Journal Template 

Sometimes you can get so caught up in the grind, you forget why you started to hustle in the first place. And without a clear driver—both in life and in business—it’s easy to get sidetracked by things that don’t further your success. 

It’s just like Dean always says, “It doesn’t matter how fast you can go, it doesn’t matter how much passion you have, and it doesn’t matter how much energy you put into something. If you don’t have a vision and clarity on the destination you want to reach, you’ll simply never get there.”

If you feel like you’ve lost sight of your ideal destination, it’s time to remember your “why.” Your “why” is the driving force that pushes you to accomplish your goals. It’s the greater purpose that you serve—whether that be financial freedom or a better life for those you love. 

Find your own “why” with Dean’s 7 Levels Deep Exercise. Remember to fill out each answer honestly and from your heart. There are no right or wrong answers for this worksheet, only what drives you personally!

7 Levels Deep Journal Exercise 7 Levels Deep Journal Exercise Download Now

The Power of Your Story Journal Printables: 4-Step Worksheet Bundle

Right now, you’re telling yourself one story that’s driving your life: your story. If you feel you were wronged somewhere in your story, you might think of yourself as a victim. If you feel you wronged other people, you might see yourself as a villain. 

No matter if your story is true or false, it’s dictating your every move. Why? Because you believe in it! And until you believe any differently, that same story will continue to push your life in a direction that’s out of your control.

Once you understand your current story, you can create a new one that empowers your inner success. This powerful 4-step worksheet bundle helps you define the story that’s currently driving your life and narrate a new story that’s reflective of who you want to be. 

Get started today to finally attain the wealth, happiness and fulfillment that you deserve. 

1. What is Your Story and Where Did it Come From?

To better understand your story, start at the very beginning. Where did your story come from? Getting to the heart of the story will help you write through the supporting details. 

Uncovering your story journal exercise Uncovering your story journal exercise Download Now

2. Who Plays a Role in Your Story?

Chances are, you’re the main character in your story. But who else is there? Who’s playing the supporting roles, the antagonist and the hero? Have these roles and people changed over time? These people help shape your story, so it’s important you recognize them and the roles they play.

Uncovering Your Story Journal Exercise Uncovering Your Story Journal Exercise Download Now

3. How Has This Story Affected Your Life?

This is where the true personal development starts. Now that you have a better understanding of what your story is and who stars in it, start to get a grasp of how that story has shaped your life. 

Did it make you a stronger person? An angry person? A less forgiving person?

Jot down how your story has molded the trajectory of your personal and professional life. 

Uncovering Your Story #3 Journal Exercise Uncovering Your Story #3 Journal Exercise Download Now

4. What Has Your Story Cost You?

Think back to the times you’ve let your story stand in your way. Think of all of the chances you didn’t take because they didn’t align with your story. Then, think about how your story could limit you from moving forward. 

What does this limiting story cost you? Don’t hold back—be as honest with yourself as possible.

Uncovering-Your-Story_4 Uncovering-Your-Story_4 Download Now

Bonus: What is Your New and Improved Story?

With your old story documented in your journal, it’s time to turn the page and write your new story. Find the good that can come from your old story and spin it into a new and improved story with help from Dean and the Accelerated Success Formula course today. 

The Clarity Journal Prompts: A 3-Step Success Launchpad 

If you’re looking for some perspective about the current state of your business, ask yourself one of Dean’s famous questions: Are you climbing a ladder or running on a treadmill? 

When you climb a ladder, you take actionable steps towards reaching your goals each day. When you run on a treadmill, you work harder and longer, but don’t move any closer to your goals. If you’re tired of the treadmill and want to grab onto the first rung of the ladder, you’ll need a bit of clarity first.

When you see your future with clarity, you can stop wasting time on the tasks that don’t serve your dreams, goals and aspirations. Dean’s Clarity Tool from the Accelerated Success Formula course can help you. It brings purpose to your actions, so you can spend your days achieving your goals—not just dreaming about them.

1. See Your Current Truth with Clarity

Sometimes, we need to be brutally honest with ourselves. Use this journal prompt to identify where you are in the different areas of your life that matter most.

The-Clarity-Tool_1 The-Clarity-Tool_1 Download Now


Once you understand where you’re at in life, you can determine where you’d like to be. So, mentally fast forward one year. What do you want to see? Where do you want to be? 

The-Clarity-Tool_2 The-Clarity-Tool_3 Download Now


With your current state and your dream state written out in your journal, it’s time to identify any roadblocks that may stand in your way. From there, you can develop a game plan to overcome those obstacles and take the first steps on the ladder of success.

The-Clarity-Tool_3 The-Clarity-Tool_3 Download Now


Entrepreneurship can feel like a sea of sameness. Everyone around you is boasting similar skills, sometimes with more experience or more connections in their network. When you feel like you’re missing your competitive edge, use this journal template from the exclusive Accelerated Success Formula course to help you find your unique advantage.

This journal prompt is a simple way for entrepreneurs to figure out their competitive advantage versus others providing similar products or services. It encourages you to dig deep to find what sets you apart from the rest, and it sets you on a path that highlights your strengths.

Find out what’s cool about you—and what you bring to the table—with this worksheet. 

Whats cool about you journal exercise Whats cool about you journal exercise Download Now


Are you inspired? Ready to harness the power of your journal to drive personal growth and success? We certainly hope so! Get to downloading and printing these editable journal templates to map your goals, track your progress and accelerate your success.

But, don’t stop there. For a limited time only, get the entire 7-module Accelerated Success Formula course plus a BONUS eighth module with FIVE never before seen training videos! What are you waiting for? Stop dreaming and start doing 

If you plan to try out any of these templates, be sure to text Dean at 480-400-9019 and let him know you downloaded it straight from the blog! 

Your message will go straight to Dean’s personal cell—seriously!

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